You could say that someone has a “runner’s body” or “looks like a runner,” but that does not limit who the runner can be. Sometimes the most unlikely people are incredible runners. It does not matter what they look like or sound like as much as it matters what they […]

Appearance | 1 Samuel 16:1-7

I want to be faster. I hope and pray every day that I will become faster. I don’t have much motivation besides just wanting to be faster. Eventually, I start getting angry and I don’t make much progress. I want to be more patient. I hope and pray every day […]

Fruit | John 15:1-17

Do you ever become overwhelmed by the “what if” factors that you might run into on race day? Do these looming thoughts ever bleed over into your enjoyment, love and freedom to run? And sometimes we are too busy trying to analyze the “uncontrollables” rather than embracing what we are […]

Controllables | Matthew 5:1-12

As you run alongside the road, you put yourself at risk. There is no denying that when you run with other people you make yourself more noticeable to cars driving by. Not only are you more visible, but you have at least another pair of eyes and ears being attentive […]

Pack | Hebrews 10:23-25

When you hear the word “worship,” do you imagine singing at a church service? Sure, this is one way to worship, but we have the opportunity to worship God in everything we do and everything we are. As runners, we can worship God through our running. What does that look like […]

Worship | Psalm 86:9-10