Controllables | Matthew 5:1-12

Do you ever become overwhelmed by the “what if” factors that you

might run into on race day? Do these looming thoughts ever bleed

over into your enjoyment, love and freedom to run? And sometimes

we are too busy trying to analyze the “uncontrollables” rather than

embracing what we are in control over.

Uncontrollables could be other competitors, the weather, your body

(or stomach) just isn’t feeling it. There are things we can control such

as our own peace of mind and our confidence in training. Beyond that,

it is time to run and see what happens. There is no use in getting stuck

on the things you have no control over, because you drive yourself into


Jesus gave us a framework for living, not a play by play of how to do it.

We should be holding on to the life lessons that he gave us instead of

trying so hard to interpret the grey area. If the grey area was of the

utmost importance, he would have defined it. We often get stuck on

the grey that holds little significance in the scheme of the gospel;

therefore, we lose sight of the controllable factors.

We don’t know every bit of what is right and wrong, black and white;

so let’s live life through the lens that we know is the absolute truth:

love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind and love

your neighbor as yourself. Seek first his kingdom and all else will be

added to you (Matt. 6:33).


God, as I race and run for your glory give me peace in competition to give all that I

have—not submitting to the anxiety and fear of the race. Your Word has given me

a framework for life and I want to honor that. Lord, please guide me in the message

of your Son that I may be more like him. I trust that the rest of the details will

unveil themselves in your holy and perfect timing. I will continue to seek your


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