Appearance | 1 Samuel 16:1-7

You could say that someone has a “runner’s body” or “looks like a

runner,” but that does not limit who the runner can be.

Sometimes the most unlikely people are incredible runners. It does not

matter what they look like or sound like as much as it matters what

they run like. Their running ability is measured in their ability to work

hard and keep themselves motivated. We have an ideal “runner look”

in mind, but there are no limits to appearance.


When Samuel went out looking for the next king of Israel, he had an

ideal appearance in mind. He went to the house of Jesse as the Lord

instructed him to do, but the king was not found in the most likely

form. David, the youngest and smallest of Jesse’s son was the one

chosen by God as the next king of Israel.


God chooses to look at the heart rather than the outward appearance.

What a cool lesson in the character of our God that it does not matter

what we look like, smell like, sound like, how tall or how short, but he

looks only at the heart.


This also affirms the message of Jesus Christ—the gospel is not

reserved for one people group. Everyone has the opportunity to

change the state of their hearts, not their appearance.

Praise him who takes us for our hearts rather than our looks!


God, thank you for choosing me as your child. While I am beautifully created in

your image, I praise you for not judging me based on my appearance. Constantly

remind me that I am not to judge anyone by their appearance. Let the lesson of

David teach me that sometimes the most unlikely individuals are chosen for your

biggest jobs for the kingdom. You made this clear in your Son, Jesus. Nothing

pointed the people to your Son by the way of his looks but by the words of his heart.

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Happy Racing and NCAA Regionals this weekend to all of my fellow runners!

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