Pack | Hebrews 10:23-25

As you run alongside the road, you put yourself at risk. There is no

denying that when you run with other people you make yourself more

noticeable to cars driving by. Not only are you more visible, but you

have at least another pair of eyes and ears being attentive to the road

for traffic. Someone may hear or see a car coming that you did not

hear and notify the group to take action.


Running in a pack may involve the risk of being accountable for a

bigger group on the road, but there are also great benefits.

As you follow Christ and his teachings, doing life in a pack resembles a

similar situation. As you are out running against traffic by yourself, it

would be easy for an oncoming car to lose sight of you in the horizon.

When you are trying to live out the Christian walk on your own, it is

more difficult than if you find yourself encouraged and surrounded by

a group of fellow believers. If you are running in a pack, the driver of

the car is more likely to see a group of runners and act accordingly. In

the group you have more eyes, ears and mouths to keep you

accountable and aware of what is going on around you (good or bad).


By doing life in a group that loves you and keeps you accountable, you

have a greater chance of faithful survival. It doesn’t make it easy, but it

makes it easier when you able to work together as a team. You do not

have to run the race alone—there are so many people who are willing

to run it with you, side-by-side.


Praise God if you have people in your life that support you along the way as you

grow in faith together. If you are trying to navigate your faith on your own, ask God

to show you people who are seeking him like you are. God will help you in

providing faithful friends, but you have to make an effort to seek them also.


EMUXC 2012

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